Bitcoin Audible – Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole [Knut Svanholm]

Bitcoin Audible – Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole [Knut Svanholm]

Published on October 15th, 2020 by

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“Value is a strange concept because while it is arguably very real, it is entirely subjective, and because of this there is no yardstick or kilogram to measure it against.” – Knut Svanholm

Another from the amazing collection over at, we dive even deeper down the rabbit hole with Knut’s piece. What does it even mean to measure value with Bitcoin as our totem? What happens to prices in a perfectly finite monetary good? What would a future where the growth and productivity of the economy were captured by the money, rather than stolen by our money masters?

The world is going to be a very different place in a Bitcoin future. The right questions can help us see it, and it’s something that we cannot unsee. So lets dig into Knut’s work, “Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole”

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