Gamestopocalypse: How Reddit Bankrupted a Hedge Fund with Mati Greenspan – The Tatiana Show Ep. 293

Gamestopocalypse: How Reddit Bankrupted a Hedge Fund with Mati Greenspan – The Tatiana Show Ep. 293

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How did a bunch of stock enthusiasts on an internet message board bring down a massive hedge fund using a video game store? Mati Greenspan joins the show to talk about the Gamestop short squeeze, in which a group of Reddit users cost short sellers billions by buying up shares in the failing game retailer chain. Why did they do it? Who was behind it? And what does it mean for the future of stock trading? And what happened with consumer trading app Robinhood?

About the Guest:
Having been involved in financial markets his entire life and paper-trading from the age of 13, Mati Greenspan is the co-author of the book The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union.

Mati has a unique way of viewing and explaining what’s happening in the financial markets, and helping people spot the best investment opportunities. His expertise is particularly strong in the field of cryptocurrencies where he is known as one of the industry’s top analysts. He’s known to make appearances on financial television stations like Bloomberg and CNBC and is currently serving on the advisory boards of LunarCRUSH, Electroneum, and Chiliz.

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