Michael Goldstein on Rejecting All Forms of Activism – WBD171

Michael Goldstein on Rejecting All Forms of Activism – WBD171

Published on December 1st, 2019 by

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Location: Austin
Date: Thursday, 22nd Nov
Project: Noded Podcast
Role: Co-Host

The ideology of Bitcoiners aligns closely with Libertarians as both value self-sovereignty and self-governance. Because of this, going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole often leads to Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

There are though many levels of Libertarianism. Some believe in minarchism, the reduction but not complete removal of the state while others believe in full anarchy where there is no centralised state planning, and the free market determines what is best. Alternatively, some see it as a personal philosophy that they follow within the lines of current government and state systems.

How would the free market operate in an imperfect world? Without regulations, would it be possible to keep people safe? What about human greed? Would there be a social cost to a society structured this way?

To find out the answers to some of these questions, I talk to Michael Goldstein, the co-host of the Noded Podcast and President of the Nakamoto Institute to discuss Libertarianism. We discuss Libertarianism, the free market, rejecting activism and the transition to an anarcho-capitalist society. 

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