Proof Of Love Ep. 72 – From Programmer To Healer

Proof Of Love Ep. 72 – From Programmer To Healer

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The “Silicon Valley Therapist”, Howard Scott Warshaw joined Tatiana and Lauren for a deep conversation about the ins and outs of psychotherapy, the psychological conditions of tech people, and how these crazy quarantine times are affecting all of us. 


Howard started out as a programmer, but after a wildly successful career in the video games industry, he started looking for something else. After trying his hand at art and filmmaking (also with spectacular results), he found psychotherapy as the perfect way to integrate all his skills and better help the people he used to entertain.


He shared how it is possible to conduct sessions on Zoom, how he reconciles the brainy and the emotional aspects of himself and his clients, and all the right (and wrong) reasons for starting therapy. Tatiana then geared the conversation towards love and relationships, specifically among tech professionals. Turns out there are a number of common problems that these people face due to often being socially excluded in their early years. However successful they become as the new ruling class, they keep questioning their self-worth and have trouble connecting with people.


Lauren was then wondering how COVID-19 is affecting people psychologically, which is something Howard had a lot to say about! The difficulty of creating connections drains everyone, but basic human emotions are not going to change. 


The trio ended the discussion by exploring why conspiracy theories are rampant today, and what possible solutions there could be to recreate the connections we feel are lost. 

About the Guest:
Artist, technologist, creator and healer, Howard Scott Warshaw is first and foremost a communicator. Holding master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Computer Engineering, his career accomplishments include Video Game pioneer, MoMA artist, celebrated software developer, award winning film producer, author, educator and columnist. These days Howard enlists his eclectic skill set in the service of others as a psychotherapist in California’s Silicon Valley, where he specializes in the issues of hi-tech leaders and the super-intelligent. He loves exploring fresh perspectives as well as cultivating new talents and finding creative ways to apply them. Howard is a complex person who can be summed up in five words: Passion with a Balanced Perspective.

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