The Block Crunch – Why “Scalability” is Misleading for New Blockchains – Emre Tekisalp (O1 Labs)

The Block Crunch – Why “Scalability” is Misleading for New Blockchains – Emre Tekisalp (O1 Labs)

Published on April 7th, 2020 by

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With more “high-throughput” blockchains launching in 2020, each promising to change the world, is transactional throughput the best way to think about these projects? Emre Tekişalp (@etekis) from O1 Labs joins me in discussing:

  • The new layer 1 chains: Coda vs. Solana vs. Polkadot
  • When “transactions per unit of decentralization” is the right metric to compare blockchains
  • How Coda creates a constant-size blockchain that fits in your phone
  • How blockchains can differentiate as competition heats up

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