The Blockcrunch – The Crypto Renaissance in India – Sumit Gupta (CoinDCX)

The Blockcrunch – The Crypto Renaissance in India – Sumit Gupta (CoinDCX)

Published on March 24th, 2020 by

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The Supreme Court in India just overturned a ban on financial services providing banking services for crypto companies. Billionaire Tim Draper calls this a crypto Renaissance in Asia’s third largest economy. To find out more, I chat with Sumit Gupta, founder of CoinDCX and one of the people who helped overturn the central bank’s crypto banking ban.

  • Why India is entering a crypto renaissance
  • Why India’s Supreme Court overturned the country’s crypto ban
  • How local startups are benefitting
  • Indian exchange CoinDCX’s unique aggregator model

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