The Tatiana Show Ep. 229 Mati Greenspan

The Tatiana Show Ep. 229 Mati Greenspan

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Mati Greenspan stops by this episode of The Tatiana Show. Mati is a Senior Market Analyst for our newest sponsor eToro. Having over a decade’s experience working in financial advice, he manages portfolios for the company’s VIP clients and handles eToro’s Premium Club Network.


Tatiana and Mati dive into his background where he began paper trading at the age of 13 and began working in financial markets in 2008. A chance email blast in 2013 led to his discovery of Bitcoin and his interest in the crypto space.


Mati gives his thoughts on the Federal Reserve’s current policies and what effect they will have on the economy. He also gives tips for beginning traders, ways to diversify your portfolio, and the risks and rewards of trading Bitcoin. 


About the Guests:

Mati has been at eToro for over five years as a Senior Market Analyst and has over a decade’s experience working in financial advice.


At eToro, Mati works as a portfolio manager for VIP clients with a minimum equity of $1 million and manages eToro’s Premium Club Network.


He also provides a daily market update, providing experts analysis on financial news and cryptocurrencies for clients, partners and media.


He studied Financial Markets at Yale University before moving on to the Economics of Money and Bank and Columbia, becoming a fully licensed Portfolio Manager in 2017.

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