The Tatiana Show Ep. 245 Dr. Victoria Jones – Satoshi’s Page

The Tatiana Show Ep. 245 Dr. Victoria Jones – Satoshi’s Page

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With the 2020 elections looming, a major debate topic between the candidates will for certain be healthcare. Several of the nominees have proposed government run health systems similar to the National Health Service in Great Britain. On this episode of #TheTatianaShow, Tatiana and Josh go behind the lines with Dr. Victoria Jones to discuss the realities of a government run system.


We explore the history of the NHS in the U.K., how it has affected the dentistry and medical professionals, Victoria’s personal experience from working in both public and private sectors, and how her studying of economics led to her interest in Bitcoin as a payment method for her dentistry.

Dr. Jones lays out the issues with the NHS, how free markets would provide a better quality service, and if she sees any country with a good healthcare system.

We also get a sneak peek into her upcoming book, “Truth Decay- How Bitcoin Fixes This” on Bitcoin, how it works, and how to use cryptocurrency in your personal and business life. 

About the Guests:

Victoria Collette Jones is a qualified dentist who has worked in the dental industry for over twenty years. 

She has had a range of involvement in different public- and private-sector markets, from small family-owned practices to large corporate chains, from local co-operatives to international institutions. She also spent ten years starting up and building her own dental establishment into a profitable enterprise in the private sector, and successfully sold it in 2017. As a result she has extensive experience in varied business environments. 

Victoria has also earned an MBA from the University of Nottingham, and is interested in the world of commerce and economics, including new payment methods and the ways in which these will influence and profoundly affect our future. 

Her familiarization with Bitcoin came in 2016 when she introduced Bitcoin as a payment method into her own business. Victoria now works as a Bitcoin advocate, supporting individuals and businesses that are similarly interested in adopting Bitcoin as a payment method. You can learn more about her and her work at

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