TTS 261 Rosa Shores & Chris Tyler of BlockSpaces

TTS 261 Rosa Shores & Chris Tyler of BlockSpaces

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BlockSpaces co-founder Rosa Shores and CTO Chris Tyler join Josh and Tatiana to share the evolution of BlockSpaces from a community participating in local meetups in the Tampa area to a powerhouse of enterprise development in the blockchain space.

Rosa’s first exposure to cryptocurrency was through the lens of  libertarian economic ideology, but her corporate background led her to consider how tokens could be used for making ecommerce payment more efficient and transparent track and tracing to highlight product sourcing for brands. BlockSpaces moved to solve some B2B enterprise issues with their development services.

Josh and Tatiana ask, and Chris and Rosa answer, the questions: 

How does BlockSpaces define “enterprise” applications?
Why blockchain and not just existing database technology?
How do you insure the integrity of data at the original input?
Which issues along supply chains can blockchain solve?
Where do ideas such as Digital / Decentralized ID fit into enterprise solutions?
Does cryptocurrency have a place in enterprise solutions?
Which blockchain protocols does BlockSpaces work with?

Rosa explains another project that inspired the formation of BlockSpaces: Clearvoter.
Clearvoter is a civic engagement platform, proposed in 2014, born of the founders’ desire to employ the blockchain and cryptocurrency in a way that would provide transparency to potential voters around local policy issues, while solving some of the issues (*cough* social media *cough*) that caused division and diffusion in politics that lead to tribalism and hyper-partisanship.

If you thought you knew everything that blockchain could be used for, you definitely want to hear what Rosa, Chris, and the BlockSpaces team have in store for the enterprise world.

About the Guests:

Rosa Shores is co-founder of BlockSpaces, a blockchain-focused product development company located in Tampa, Florida. As a seven year veteran of the blockchain industry. She is also the co-founder of ClearVoter, an early stage digital democracy/civic engagement platform. As a former eCommerce digital analyst with Qurate Retail Group (HSN/QVC), she first heard of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2013 and is recognized in the blockchain community as a passionate speaker and advocate for blockchain technology. She is the co-organizer of several of the largest and longest running blockchain/cryptocurrency groups in the Tampa Bay region since 2014, and is the Vice President of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, a group dedicated to helping blockchain focused businesses thrive in the state through industry focused legislative efforts and education. 

The FBBA was instrumental in supporting the passing of Florida SB 1024 which established the Florida Blockchain Task Force within the Florida Department of Financial Services, and also helped develop what is now SB 1870 which proposes a fintech regulatory sandbox for Florida allowing innovative companies to build outside of regulatory restrictions with oversight.

Chris Tyler is an experienced IT professional with over 25 years experience in the software industry. Over the past 15 years with IBM, he has been a trusted advisor to many software companies on the monetization of data through the use of analytics, data science, IoT and blockchain. Recently, Chris has taken on the role of Chief Technology Officer for BlockSpaces.

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