TTS 265 Healthcare and the Blockchain with Chrissa McFarlane

TTS 265 Healthcare and the Blockchain with Chrissa McFarlane

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Chrissa McFarlane, CEO and Founder of Patientory,  is tackling global need: secure health information management that is concerned with patient privacy. And McFarlane sees blockchain technology as a part of the solution.

McFarlane realized the world has a very big problem: the healthcare industry is slow to innovate and inefficient. Nothing in recent memory has made this more clear than the current COVID-19 pandemic. Global response to the coronavirus was, without a doubt, hampered by misinformation and slow communication and a lack of cooperation when it came to setting standards for gathering, recording, and sharing data.

Patientory plans to make a big dent in this big problem. With a background in research, healthcare operations, and data management, McFarlane is dedicated to educating regulators and healthcare leaders about the urgent need for data management solutions across the entire healthcare industry, from pharmaceutical supply chain management to digital health & therapeutics, to telemed practices and  drug and clinical trial data management

Chrissa also offers some great advice to women and minorities looking to start their own company or to work in STEM, as well as ways to cope with encountering racism and sexism in professional settings.

About the Guest:
Chrissa McFarlane founded Patientory, Inc. in 2015, a health data analytics company, after working more than a decade in the healthcare industry and realizing there was a need for more personalized and secure, consumer-driven, health information management solutions. 


From conducting microbiology research to pharmaceutical operations, working with health insurance providers and hospitals, McFarlane has professional experience in every sector of the healthcare industry. Most recently, McFarlane specialized in healthcare research and development, delivering solutions and team management services for enterprises, including Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper, and Meetup. 


Devoted to fostering digital innovation in the medical field, McFarlane currently serves as co-chair of the HIMSS18 Blockchain Workgroup, and sits on the HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee. Named one of the top women, “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,” by Becker’s Hospital Review, McFarlane has published multiple international healthcare research articles in the renowned Blockchain in Healthcare Today Journal, the first peer-review journal that amplifies and disseminates distributed ledger technology research. In 2019, McFarlane authored her first book titled Future Women: Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


Patientory has received many accolades, including The 10 Most Innovative Digital Healthcare Solution Providers 2018 by Insightscare, and the 2018 Globe Award Winner in International Trade by U.S. State of Georgia. One of few female entrepreneurs at the intersection of high tech and wellness, McFarlane speaks at global industry conferences, including The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai and the 2020 StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, to educate and inspire other business women and entrepreneurs in the field. 

McFarlane attended Cornell University for her undergraduate studies, and received a Masters from Wake Forest University School of Business. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Future Women: Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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