Bitcoin Audible – Masters & Slaves of Money – Part 1 [Robert Breedlove]

Bitcoin Audible – Masters & Slaves of Money – Part 1 [Robert Breedlove]

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“Money is a tool for trading human time. Central banks, the modern-era masters of money, wield this tool as a weapon to steal time and inflict wealth inequality.” – Robert Breedlove

Breedlove brings us another excellent write up, this time on the nature of monetary masters and the power dynamic they embody. Exploring the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the monetary origins of the decline of Western Africa, the logos, and the free speech of human value and time, “Masters & Slaves of Money” is a brilliant investigation to the monetary hierarchy of our world, and how its control has shaped history.

We will break through this piece in 2 parts, starting with today, Part 1 of “Masters & Slaves of Money” by Robert Breedlove.

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Thanks to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network & Bitcoin Magazine for including Bitcoin Audible and spreading these incredible works to everyone in the Bitcoin space!

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Published at Tue, 07 Jul 2020 15:20:00 +0000

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