Bitcoin & Co – Miss Aurra, Zimbabwe: Bitcoin Changed My Whole Life

Bitcoin & Co – Miss Aurra, Zimbabwe: Bitcoin Changed My Whole Life

Published on October 29th, 2020 by

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Today’s episode is the start of a new series about Bitcoin in Africa. I have been traveling to Zimbabwe and Botswana in February 2020 to find out if and how Bitcoin is known and used there. When I left the African continent at the beginning of March it was unclear how the pandemic is going to change the economical situation of countries that were already in a deep crisis like Zimbabwe or Nigeria and how it would affect the adoption of bitcoin in Subsaharan countries. With the upcoming episodes I want to give you insights into African nations such as Senegal, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. This episodes topic is Zimbabwe. My guest is Miss Aurra Kawanzaruwa. She is a digipreneur and the principal of St. Anne’s school in the country’s capital Harare.

Current situation in Zimbabwe
Monetary repercussions
Governments ban of EcoCash
Shortages of basic supply goods
Corruption and mismanagement
Zimbabwean Lives Matter movement
Coronavirus situation
School shut down and distance learning
Her first experience using bitcoin
Translating “Bitcoin Money” book to Shona
Getting into trouble for using Bitcoin
How Zimbabweans use bitcoin

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