NJ marijuana legalization: Phil Murphy sets May deadline for legal weed vote, what’s next?

When Gov. Phil Murphy came into office, he vowed to legalize marijuana within 100 days.

Now? It’s looking like weed may not be legalized until 500 days into Murphy’s tenure — at the earliest.

The push for New Jersey marijuana legalization hit a roadblock last month when scheduled votes on the bill to legalize weed were postponed. While the bill had enough votes to pass in the Assembly, the support wasn’t there in the Senate.

Instead of watching the bill fail, legislative leaders decided to regroup in the hopes of winning over holdouts on legal weed.

AS IT HAPPENED: NJ cancels legal weed vote due to lack of support

Now, after watching the Legislature blow by nearly a dozen self-imposed “deadlines” on a legal weed vote, Murphy has laid down his own: If the votes aren’t there to legalize weed by the end of May, he’ll move to expand medical marijuana by executive action — which could throw a wrench into those recreational marijuana plans.

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