The Tatiana Show Ep. 220 Anna & Joe of Bitbrum and the CryptoFin Conference

The Tatiana Show Ep. 220 Anna & Joe of Bitbrum and the CryptoFin Conference

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On this special episode of The Tatiana Show we have two great interviews with international crypto influencers Anna Agu from CryptoFin Conference of Estonia, and with Joe Ratheram MSc. of BitBrum in Birmingham, UK where Tatiana will be performing this coming November.


Anna clues us in on the rapid expansion of crypto within the small yet innovative country of Estonia, where the government has put in quick and easy systems for residents to gain cryptocurrency licenses and wallets. Lawyer by day, Anna is also on the CryptoFin Conference team that holds an annual two-day conference in Estonia – hosting wonderful speakers that speak on many topics, such as how the crypto revolution is effecting market trends.


After 30 years of being Land Rover engineer, Joe Ratheram joined the Bitcoin gang in 2013, and has since been researching ways to integrate decentralized blockchain technology while delivering talks at several universities, as well as his own Bitbrum Conference and CoinFest UK. Joe talks to us about his upcoming BitBrum Conference, and how it is geared towards educating the public, all tiers of it, on cryptocurrency and how it can be used by the average small business or even a young adult with little income. The point: crypto for one, crypto for all.


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About the Guests:

Anna Agu is the Co-Founder and partner of Lex Law Office & the Co-founder of Opencoin.Finance (ERSO). She is also the co-organizer of the CryptoFin Conference taking place in Estonia October 14-15.


Joe is a fully paid up Brummie and former Land Rover engineer with 30 years experience in automotive embedded systems. He fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2013 and has since been researching the application of decentralised consensus in connected & autonomous mobility networks. Joe has delivered talks and training on Bitcoin blockchain at several universities, DETC, meet-up groups, CoinFestUK & BitBrum.

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