The Tatiana Show Ep. 271 – All Things Blockchain With Bruce Fenton

The Tatiana Show Ep. 271 – All Things Blockchain With Bruce Fenton

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Financial expert and crypto evangelist Bruce Fenton joins Tatiana to talk a variety of subjects, from life under lockdown in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire to how technology is changing the face of the workplace, and the challenges of being an event organizer during the pandemic

Bruce discusses why current securities laws are a double-edged sword for investors, and what blockchain solutions currently exist that could make some regulations unnecessary and open up security trading to a wider business and investor audience. He explains why the current securities and exchange system is outdated and how cryptocurrency can help modernize it.

Bruce also talks about how regulation and bureaucracy is destabilizing the economy and why the system may need to get worse before it can get better, why prepping is more important now than ever, and more!

About the Guest:

Bruce Fenton is the founder and CEO of Chainstone Labs, an investment and advisory company focused on the blockchain and securities space. Chainstone Labs owns the Satoshi Roundtable, a leader in blockchain industry retreats, Atlantic Financial, a registered investment advisory, and Watchdog Capital, a registered broker-dealer.


Bruce got involved with Bitcoin in 2012 and has been an active player in the Bitcoin and blockchain space ever since. He can be described as an active blockchain technology advocate, having previously served as the Volunteer Executive Director for the Bitcoin Foundation from 2015 to 2016, founding the Bitcoin Association industry group and speaking at numerous industry conferences.


He also founded and hosted the Dubai Bitcoin Conference, helped organize Devcore, and currently serves as the host of the Satoshi Roundtable, an annual industry gathering of top industry developers, builders, academics, cypherpunks, company founders, and others for open discussion.

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