WBD278 – Adam Curry on Podcasting with Bitcoin

WBD278 – Adam Curry on Podcasting with Bitcoin

Published on January 4th, 2021 by

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Adam Curry, along with Dave Winer are credited as the creators of podcasting in the early 2000s. The idea of allowing anyone to broadcast over the internet in an unfiltered and uncensored manner was revolutionary.

For nearly two decades, podcasting has grown into an industry, which Business Insider predicts will be worth $1billion by 2021.

With the meteoric rise in podcasting, some podcasts are attracting more followers than mainstream TV shows, for example, Joe Rogan regularly receives more than 10 million listeners per show.

Advertisers wanting exposure to these audiences is the most common way to monetise podcasting. Adam Curry wants to move away from revenue driven by advertising which he believes is a form of censorship. Again Adam is attempting to revolutionise podcasting with Podcast Index that will, optionally, allow micropayments via Lightning Network to reward podcasters for their content.

In this interview, I talk to the podfather Adam Curry. We discuss the origins of podcasting, COVID-19 & vaccinations, de-platforming & cancel culture and utilising the Lightning Network for podcast micropayments.

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